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#dagboer #jourfermier



A co-creative campaign to promote our seasonal farmers. 


#dagboer #jourfermier wants to put farmers that use an agroecological approach at the forefront! Agroecology means the production of food in a truly sustainable way, in relation to local and nature while respecting the rights, knowledge and needs of the people who produce the food. 

Farming the project 


1. Spring season May 2020

We are looking for good soil. First of all we ask the food related community for farmer anecdotes, about their dream for the future and their passion for this theme. Of course we also look for possible cooperations. Everybody can join, just fill in the form below. 

2. Summer season June 2020

Participative farming. Collectively we put all farmers on the map. We create a functional tool that allows everybody to put their farmer on a map. You just answer a few questions through this form. Please share as much as possible! 


3. Autumn season September 2020

Crowdfarming. We launch a campaign to collect a start-up budget. We need this funding to create a huge storytelling campaign about your local farmers. Your funding will sponsor the articles, photo reports, webdevelopment, translations and more important the farmers! 


4. Winter season January 2021

Harvesting the hard work. We start with the stories of ten farmers in Brussels. And then we move from city to city, farmer to farmer. Beautiful photo reports, in-depth interviews, regional product research, everything to better understand and connect with our farmers. 

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