This was Masterchef Monday May with Yannick Van Aeken

July 4, 2018

Monday 21th of May Eatmosphere had another Masterchef Monday planned. We raise awareness around food waste and just received the Cullinary Innovator award in the category Sustainability by Gault Millau. This Masterchef Monday we invited Yannick van Aeken from Oficina, who, in a previous life, cooked in the Basque grill restaurant Etxebarri and worked as a sous-chef at Noma**. His kitchen philosophy? 'I love to work creatively with local products and hate to throw things away.'


He is convinced we tend to throw products away because we simply forgot what to do with them. 'In the early days everybody had their own vegetable garden and, because they knew how much effort and energy it requires to grow vegetables, they used every part of it. In our modern times a lot of food is ready-made, cut in advance or precooked before we get in on our plate so we have no clue where the food actually comes from. That lost connection makes it easier to waste food.'


In his menu he played with old varieties of tomatoes, broken asparagus, colored cauliflower and sheep whey.

It was a menu that illustrates the story of food waste in its totality, in the way he used saved and forgotten vegetables to the kitchen techniques that prevent any leftovers.


In this video you get a taste of his philosophy and our event. And to add some more inspiration we'll encourage you to try out the following recipe at home!


Menu Yannick Van Aeken - Masterchef Monday 21th of May


  • Old varieties of tomatoes, watermelon, olive herb

  • Broken asparagus, brown butter and hazelnut

  • Potato with radish, seaweed, purslane

  • Roasted cauliflower, horseradish and dill salt

  • Herbal wreath from the vegetable garden, poached egg

  • Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, crumble of mushrooms, parsley

  • Blood orange, beetroot, oolong tea, elderflower


Recipe fermented plums


1/ Wash the prunes. Cut the plums in two and remove the kernel

2/ Weigh the plums. Take 3% of this weight of non-iodized salt

3/ Put the prunes with the salt in a jar. Place the jar in a warm place (> 25 degrees)

4/ Stir every two days. Ready to serve after 7 to 10 days

5/ Enjoy!





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