Tartlets with fermented radish cream

December 19, 2017

We know that the festive season can be a hectic one, so here’s a surprisingly simple appetiser that will woo your guests without causing you stress. Fermented radishes, which can easily be made at home, are the star ingredient of this recipe and bring an unusual funky flavour to revitalise the conventional tartlet. Both the crusts and the filling can be made in advance, but be sure to leave the assembly until just before serving. These tasty little tartlets make a delicious start to any (vegan) celebration.




  • 250g stale bread

  • 60g coconut oil

  • Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

  • Water (2 tbsp)

  • Spices of your choice (our Mary Pop-in Chef uses tandoori)



  • 160g fermented radish

  • 40g vegan cream (e.g. soy or rice)

  • 240g cooked chickpeas

  • Salt and pepper

  • Fresh herbs/salad leaves, for decoration (e.g. purslane, mizuna or rocket)



  • Blender

  • Silicone mould (a muffin one will work)



  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. 

  2. Start by making the tartlet crusts. Mix the chia seeds with 2 tablespoons of water then let it rest for 5 minutes so that it forms a kind of gel.

  3. Whizz up your stale bread to make breadcrumbs. Add the melted coconut oil, chia seeds and spices. Mix well and add a few tablespoons of water if needed so that you end up with a mass that sticks together when pressed.

  4. Scoop a couple of tablespoons into each mould and press it down firmly across the bottom and up the sides, so that you have a crust that’s about 5-8mm thick.

  5. Cook for around 10-13 minutes. Remove from the oven but leave the crusts in the mould to cool.

  6. While the crusts are cooling, make the filling: put the fermented radish, vegan cream and chickpeas into a blender (a powerful one is best to achieve a smooth, non-grainy texture) and whizz everything until you have a cream. If you need to, add some of the fermentation juice to loosen it up.

  7. Adjust the seasoning to taste — just a pinch of salt should be enough as the fermentation will have already made it really salty.

  8. Finally, assemble the tartlets: remove the crusts from the mould, making sure that they're completely cool first (if they’re still warm, they’ll be fragile and can break easily).

  9. Spread 1 tablespoon of the cream across each one.

  10. Decorate with some fresh leafy greens and voilà! All done.


Tip: these tartlets are best eaten straight away— waiting too long before serving means the crust might become wet and break.

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