Eatmosphere's veggie calendar

December 13, 2017


Bored of eating the same stuff all year round? Want to do something to reduce your carbon footprint, or support local farmers? Or do you simply want to make your food as delicious as it possibly can be? The reasons for eating seasonally and locally are as plentiful as leeks in winter - and if you didn’t know that they were, we have something that can help you…

Eating fruit and veggies that are in season means that they’re at their prime taste-wise - fresh, naturally ripe and bursting with flavour. They’re also packed full of vitamins, unlike out of season produce or food that’s harvested early, stored, transported and artificially ripened, bidding farewell to many lovely nutrients in the process. 


What’s more, eating fruit and veg that’s been grown locally and freshly harvested tends to mean that the cost - both to environment and consumer - is reduced, given that there’s less or no need for refrigeration, storage and transportation, and because the relative abundance of a particular crop when it’s in season pushes the price down. 


The conclusion? Eating seasonally is a win-win solution. The problem is that when pretty much all food is available all year round in the supermarket, it’s far too easy to lose touch of what’s seasonal. To help us get back in touch with Mother Nature and make the most out of our food, Eatmosphere is launching a seasonal fruit and veg calendar. But it’s not all brains and no beauty: we’ve collaborated with illustrator Gaëlle Sutour and graphic designer Marsel Stoopen to make sure that this thing looks pretty damn beautiful hung up in prize position next to your fridge. The Eatmosphere calendar features four classy veggie designs, one for every season, along with a list of what's good to eat. Available in French or Dutch. 


You can find out more and order yours here or pick up one in person at one of our events. Thanks for supporting Eatmosphere in our epic battle against food waste! 


Happy seasonal eating for 2018 :) 

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