Merry Christmass and a Happy New year. Thanks to all of you!

December 24, 2015

You, Stefan and Dorian

It has been a crazy year and I know that I’ve spammed you all with my obsession “Making you think about food waste”. Even my girlfriend Lies is scared not to finish her plate at home.


I’m indeed quite persistent but that’s just because it’s such a big challenge for all of us. And believe me, we can all make a huge change by just adapting step by step our process of buying, cooking and throwing away. Yes, food waste will still happen sometimes.


For me personally it was also amazing to see all the support, concerns and willing to help of my friends, family, community and volunteers. I can higly recommend your energy and vibes to all all start-ups . But haha you’re just mine ;)


Last but not least recently Stefan and Dorian joined the team. Stefan, the brains and Dorian cooking the beauties. A warm welcome to them!


Our (local) partners

Also a lot of organisations were open to work with us and so we created new local promising partnerships:


  • I love the work that Atelier Groot Eiland is doing for getting less fortunate people back into the labour market. We are passionate about recovering food for their social restaurant weekly.

  • We are secretly (until now) jealous about the nice Generous crew and their great cookies and beautiful stories matching them. Love the broken but beautiful cookies they are sending us.

  • I was touched by Fairplace and their ecological great toys. They have by the way made one of our smallest supporters very happy as you can see in one of the pictures.

  • What an experience we had organizing a workshop with FSEN Brussels, particularly Alice Conquand. See the pictures for some ambient. 

  • We’re looking forward to working with the culinary restaurant AUB-SVP. A whole menu made with food surplus and still you’ll be in seventh heaven.


In 2016

What I’m trying to say here is that I appreciated a lot your support the last months. I’m gratefull for meeting all these new people. Eatmosphere exists because of you and we thank you a thousand and three times for that.


But it’s not finished and 2016 means big projects. We’ll need your support even more in the next year(s). Yes, unfortunately we will be spamming you again. Can you imagine, we will even ask for your money in our crowdfunding action. More about that in 2016, go and spend your euro’s/dollars and yen now. Just before you go, check out these great tips to avoid Food Waste Traps during the holidays!


Ho HO ho




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