Unknown is unloved

November 19, 2015

Saturday morning, nothing better for a little hangover then being on the field and getting your hands dirty. This time it was purslane, not so known but great in soup, mashed potatoes and salads. Because there were flowers on the purslane (changes nothing about the freshness or edibility) the farmer couldn't sell them anymore. 


Unknown is unloved, once again... Luckily Helena and her Gleaning Network exist to help out great farms that prefer the crops to be taken for a good cause instead of throwing everything away. This time the lovely organic farm Den Diepen Boomgaard allowed us to harvest their purslane crops. As the field of the farm the volunteers were very diverse: soil students, management consultant, dietician, ... Great to see so much enthusiam out of so different corners. 


After the picking Eatmosphere brought the vegetables to social restaurants Atelier Groot Eiland and La Rencontre. The unknown purslane for many became appreciated "porcelain" for few. 



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