Do you like Eatmosphere ? Want to support us? 

Well the best support you can give us is working together with us. The more projects we have, the more we can actively create awareness. 


So invite us for a personal, restaurant, school or business event. Cooperate with us on social ground. Or become a volunteer and make Eatmosphere have better and more impact.


By working with us, you take part in creating food waste awareness, help serve people food for thought and make the sustainable circle all round again.


We are a not for profit organisation and are working every day to create a minimal viable concept but as we're just starting we can use every sponsorship, donation or  support. 


Our goal is to have much more projects than we have right now. Crazy, fun and creative projects that allow us to let the people think more about every time they buy food or throw away food.


Two billion euro's worth of food is thrown away every year... That means an average of 175 € (almost 15 € /month) per person. Makes you think, NO? Become an ambassador, a member of Eatmosphere, be part of the community that challenges foodwaste. 


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